We have created an incentive program for Promise students’ in the area of academic accomplishments and participation. If you meet the requirements for these incentive categories, your name will be entered in the end of month raffle. Your name might be entered in more than one category. Increase your chances of winning a $15 gift card by meeting the requirements in more than one category! Gift cards will be from places like Chipotle, McDonald’s, Subway, and Starbucks.


These are the incentive areas for the month of April:

If you complete any (or all) of the incentives, your name is entered in the raffle.  


The first raffle will be on April 16. Then we start all over for the raffle on April 30.  


  • Course Completion: earn one raffle ticket for every course you complete.  


  • Afternoon Teacher Talk: earn a raffle ticket every time you work with a teacher on Zoom tutoring sessions.  


  • Student of the Week: earn a raffle ticket every time you work hard enough to be a teacher’s “Student of the Week.”  


  • Edgenuity: earn a raffle ticket when you work more in Edgenuity from one week to the next, with a minimum of 2 total hours of active participation.  

  • Testing: earn a raffle ticket when you complete an End of Course exam or the Spring STAR testing.  

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